Physics : Energy Persuasive Essay

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Ella True
Schneck 3
Honors Chemistry
Energy Persuasive Essay Before reading this paper, one should understand what electricity is and how it works. One should also understand that electricity is a type of energy. Electricity is simply the flow of electric charge. This may sound fairly straight forward, but there is a lot more to this simple statement. One might wonder: Where exactly is this charge coming from? What is obtaining this charge? How is the charge flowing and to where? How does an electric charge power a machine or make lights light up? The answer to all these questions begin with the basic building blocks of matter, the atom. Atoms are extremely tiny objects that are composed of even smaller particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons. In the center of the atom, there is a positively charged structure called the nucleus. The nucleus is composed of protons, positively charged particles, and neutrons, neutrally charged particles, that are tightly packed together. The nucleus of an atom does not generally move. Around the nucleus are much smaller particles that have a negative charge. These negatively charged particles called electrons. These electrons are always moving around the nucleus. Protons and neutrons are not extremely critical to the understanding of how electricity works so we will not worry about them for now. Unlike neutrons and protons, electrons are tremendously essential to our understanding of electricity. Also unlike protons and neutrons,…

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