Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Made Legal Essay

1200 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Physician-assisted suicide should be made legal so that people with terminal illnesses who may be suffering are not put through a drawn out death and their families are not forced to watch them fade away. Though assisted suicide has been a highly debated issue since ancient times, a consensus has yet to be reached and it remains a controversial topic, especially in today’s society, where many are hopeful of finding a cure for everything tomorrow.
In ancient Greece, assisted suicide was legal, though not everyone agreed with this position. While Plato wrote, “Mentally and physically ill persons should be left to death; they do not have the right to life,” Pythagoras disagreed, arguing that man was not in charge of his own fate, and that he must wait for his time as determined by the Gods. One of the first recorded objections to assisted suicide can be found in the Hippocratic Oath, which states, “I will not administer poison to anyone when asked to do so, nor suggest such a course” (“A General History of Euthanasia”).
In more recent history, doctors in Nazi Germany renounced the Hippocratic Oath altogether and adopted the Gesundheit, which pledged their commitment to the health of the Nazi state rather than the people. The movement was rooted in a book called Releasing the destruction of worthless animals, the contents of which became a sort of bible for the Third Reich. Alfred Hoche, who co-authored the aforementioned book, also advocated for the use of “assisted suicide”…

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