Essay about Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legal

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Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) is when a physician provides a patient with the means required to commit suicide. This includes ensuring that the patient has undergone counseling regarding assisted suicide, and supplying/providing the patient with the appropriate lethal dose of drugs. The act of PAS is often thought to be the same as the act of euthanasia. The two are essentially the same thing but differ in that during euthanasia, the physician administers means of death, whilst during PAS, the patient themselves, administers the means of death. Physicians are only allowed to prescribe lethal medications in states where it is legal regardless of what the patient wants. In June of 1997, the Supreme Court ruled that “state laws banning physician assisted suicide do not violate the Constitution.” The court left the patients right to PAS up to the states. In the United States, PAS is only legal in five states; California, Oregon, Washington and Vermont. It is legal in Montana as well but it is mandated by court ruling only. Most of the discussion involving PAS revolves around the social, and ethical views on suicide in general. It has been an ongoing debate on whether the right to physician assisted suicide should be solely up to the patient themselves.

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