Physical Exercises Should Be A Mandatory Part Of High School Curriculum

754 Words Jun 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Nowadays, children and teenagers prefer to spend their time on social media or in front of TV rather than to do something physically active. They said there is no time for playing sports or doing exercises because they have lots of duties and homework. Some parents do not pay attention on their children body, and they do not motivate their children to do exercises, or teach them about the benefits of sports and exercises. Moreover, they let their children do whatever they want in the pastime. While other parents encourage their children to do exercises and they teach them about the benefits of sports and physical exercises. Some people say that parents are responsible about teaching their children physical exercises at home, and there is no time for physical exercises at school. Indeed, that is true parents have to push their children to do exercises at home. However, physical exercises should be a mandatory part of high school curriculum in the U.S due to several reasons. Physical exercises positively affect students’ health, study, and quality of life.
Physical exercises should be a primary curriculum of high school because doing physical exercises is extremely helpful to students’ health. Lots of studies show that lack of sports and exercises may lead to obesity which cause numerous illness. According to Centers for Disease Control Prevention website (2013) adolescents obesity lead to both short-term and long-term effects on health and well-being, obese adolescents…

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