Physical Changes In Aging

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While growing older Maria said she started to experience notable changes in her body. She told me about the mobility problems she was facing since some years ago. She used to be women with perfect mobility; she was strong enough to carry her children around and performing physical activities that required a lot of effort. However as she aged she started to feel the weight of the years in her physical health. She feels pain in her hands, arms, and back if she tried to lift something that she considers to be heavy. Over the years, Maria has developed diabetes, she said that diabetes runs in her family and it was not a surprised that she was going to develop it too (Maria 2016). She mentioned that because of her diabetes she is unable to eat the …show more content…
Eventually, as people age they experience different alterations in the body, and organ systems that can interfere with their everyday activities. (Hooyman, Kawamoto & Kiyak p.42). However, normal aging does not necessary mean that each individual will go through the same type of changes. There are changes that some elders experience, and others don’t. A typical change that people will experience as they age is physical changes for example, wrinkles in the skin and gray hair. Elders, tend to be losing height, strength, and stamina due to the decrease of cells. There are adults that maintain an active life style and therefore they are able to have fewer declines of physical pains or other type of physical problems. Furthermore, as people age their bone mineral density tend to decrease which causes them to develop weak muscles and lost in the elasticity of ligaments. (Hooyman, Kawamoto & Kiyak p.45). As a result of developing poor elasticity, elders tend to have poor mobility, which makes them feel stiff and unable to move the same way than when they were younger. Women when they age face an age-related physiological change; menopause. Menopause affects a women sexual life because it reduces the estrogen and progesterone. Some of the typical symptoms of menopause that women tend to experience are hot flashes, sudden sensation of heat in their upper bodies, and drenching in sweat (Hooyam, Kawamoto

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