Essay on Physical Benefits Of Cosmetic Surgery

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People today are taking the initiative to improve their daily lives. They are working out, eating healthy, and trying to do activities that will relieve stress and make their lives better. One of the initiative that the people take to improve their lives which is getting cosmetic surgery. “In 2013 there were more than over 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, this is an 3% increase from 2012”(2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics, n.d., p. 5). The number of procedure is increasing as time passes, and there are more types of surgery that people can get, for various parts of their body. Cosmetic surgery is increasing due to physical benefits, and psychological benefits that happen post surgery.
To begin with, a person can have physical benefits from cosmetic surgery, which results in an increase in the interactions between two people. There were many test done to see what people think of a person before and after surgery. One of the test was done by, “Dr. Michael Reilly, who asked people to rate pictures of women post op of getting cosmetic surgery, he also made them guess the woman 's personality based off of the photo. Reilly found out that people constantly rated the post-op photo’s as higher on things like social skills”(Park, n.d., p. 1 ).
Dr. Michael Reilly is a plastic surgeon from Georgetown University, and he wanted to know what others think about the person after plastic surgery, so he conducted the a test. He showed before and after pictures of the patients to…

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