Physical Appearance : The Tenement Area Is Much Dirtier And Things Are Constantly Out Of Place

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In contrast, the tenement area is much dirtier and things are constantly out of place. This communicates a more comfortable, easy-going attitude but also shows the lack of refinement that the lower class has. There are also a lot of working people in the streets and their artifacts are primarily composed of utility items like shovels, flower baskets, and beer mugs. Their items are not just there for decoration and they are often symbolic of the field of work that those people are in. Even the furniture of the working class is different as instead of more robust furniture around a proper fireplace, they use crates and various other repurposed items to seat themselves around a smudge-pot fire. A lot of these status symbolizing items also reflect another type of nonverbal communication called physical appearance.
The next type of nonverbal communication which is presented in the film, physical appearance, refers to physical qualities about people and how they present themselves. (Wood, 2013) Like with the societal rules for proxemics, there is also a standard for physical appearance which depends on the culture and socioeconomic class. (Wood, 2013) There are a variety of ways in which physical appearance can be judged which include skin color, size, weight, clothing choices, hair color, and other body modifications. (Wood, 2013) At the Ascot Opening Race, the clothing styles and accessories of all the racegoers are extremely extravagant and impractical for functional purposes.…

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