Photography Is Not Just Capturing Single Moment Essay

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The word photography is derived from the Greek words for writing and light. A world without photography is hard and to some extent impossible to imagine due to its constant presence in our everyday life. Photography has saved us from sparing a lot of words to describe scenery or landscape of outlook of an individual and with the wings of technology photography has captured us from every aspect of life. (T. Bentley, 2009) From retaining memories to exploring landscapes as well as in the medical and promotional industry; everywhere we look has got a direct or derived touch of photography.
Photograph is not just capturing single moment; rather it is about the image of essence of a subject i.e. product, place, personalities and people. The consistently changing world along with individual’s movement and expression can be portrayed with the pictures as well as lights up the memory at any time. (T. Bentley, 2009)
For instance if we consider explaining a photograph of a nature we will explain the same photographs in different manners. This is because as a viewer we have difference in terms of perceptions. Interestingly, same image communicate with the audience in a different manner depending on the mindset of the viewers. For instance a photographer Robin Anderson always considers explaining his photographs to share the moments while he was capturing the photographs. The figure below (Fig 01) is the sample picture and his attempt describing the picture has been put on the right…

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