Essay on Philosophies Of The Enlightenment Era

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Philosophies of The Enlightenment Era created religious freedom in America. By creating this religious freedom they influenced the founding fathers that establish America. Making the church separate from the state, people have the freedom to practice their desired religions. Also this allows others from other countries to move here and practice their religion without fear of being harassed. So by colonies reshaping their religious outlooks in The Enlightenment Era, this allowed all people to be seen on an equal level.
In the late fifteen and early sixteenth-centuries “religious conflicts began to tear Europe apart”. This was from the Catholic Church and the Pope accumulating numerous amounts of power and wealth. The Christians in Europe did not like the idea of the Pope having so many of those things. They in turn “began to criticize the Pope” for abusing his power.
By 1517 Martin Luther, a German Monk, believed the church was too engrossed in getting donations and looking good in order to please God. He then called for churches to go back to a time were the beliefs are purer and salvation was given by having faith in God. With the help of the printing press his opinions were able to spread throughout Europe and inspired people to challenge the Catholic Churches, this was known as Reformation.
After Luther’s ideas spread the Catholic Churches refused to cooperate. Luther and his critics then decided to separate from the churches and create their own “religious…

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