Phillis Wheatley: A Poet

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Have you ever wanted to be a poet? Have you ever thought about being a slave? Have you ever heard of Phillis wheatley? This two timing women is a poet and a slave I want to learn more about her so were going to go back to the past lets go to when she was a 7 year old!

Phillis Wheatley was born in 1753 and she died in 1784. in 1761 she was 7 years old and they took her to sell her so she could be a slave. she lived in Africa and the boat that she got transported on was called Phillis and she got sold to the wheatley family that lives in Boston. After a while the wheatley family found out that Phillis was intelligent. All her emotions Built up inside her and so she decided to write a poem about her emotions.

After that the wheatley family found out about this and they published her work. She was named first most important black poet. Here is a little bit of one of her poems. "Twas mercy brought me from my pagan land, taught my benighted soul to understand that theirs a god, that there is a savior too."
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What date did she publish her book? The answer is: sebtember,1,1773. Next question: What is the purpose of her poems? Answer: What is to be and what can

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