Essay on Philip G. Zimbardo 's The Field Of Psychology

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The question proposed in this article was whether or not psychology makes a difference in the average person’s life in any major way and whether or not that social influence is something we should be proud of and share with others (Zimbardo, 2004, p 339).

The introduction included a brief overview of the Philip G. Zimbardo’s experience in the field of psychology, and his position on the importance of sharing our knowledge with the general public (Zimbardo, 2004, p 339-340).

Zimbardo cites some major studies from psychologists over the course of the last century which have come to be recognized as general knowledge and practice to create a baseline for his argument. Some examples he referenced encompassed standardized testing, the identification of psychological stress, polling, and positive reinforcement, and explained their adopted real life applications. These changes in humankind’s mindset are at least partly due (if not entirely) to psychological research (Zimbardo, p 341-343). He then continues on to cite several modern experiments that have influenced society today and explained several method’s we’ve we’ve communicated our research in meaningful ways. In doing this, he ties several examples together and explains their real world applications to support his research question.

The article takes all of the examples and uses them to support the original statement, and then proceeds to tie it into other related questions that sprung from this conclusion. Zimbardo…

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