Essay on Peter Skrzynecki - Belonging

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The investigation of Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry has greatly enhanced and expanded my knowledge and understanding of the complexities of belonging.

Although it is hard to get an exact or specific definition of belonging, the general definition of belonging is to be part of or connected with. Belonging could also be defined as acceptance as a natural member or part or happiness felt in a secure relationship.
There are many themes and aspects to take into consideration in relation to belonging, or not belonging. Inclusive in these themes are security and stability as well as exclusion and alienation.

Peter Skrzynecki has written many poems, some of which are about his European background, his experiences as a migrant in Australia, the
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It also shows a sense of stability and security as well as a sense of faith in the house as Peter is saying that the paint will be guaranteed to last for another ten years.
"10 Mary Street" is also rich with many different forms of language techniques. A prime example of this is personification used twice in stanza 3 with the line "The house stands in its china blue coat".
The study of “10 Mary Street” by Peter Skrzynecki has helped me to greater develop my understanding of the complexities of belonging.

The poem "St Patrick's College" by Peter Skrzynecki tells the story of Peters time at the catholic school, St Patrick's College, which is located in Strathfield, Sydney.
Like "10 Mary Street", "St Patrick's College" also has a reoccurring theme of time throughout the poem. This is shown with the constant repetition of the line “For eight years”. The use of this repetition allows the constant reinforcement and emphasis on the amount of time Peter had to spend at this school.
A theme in relation to belonging that is featured in "St Patrick's College" is that of belonging to a family. This is clear in the lines "Mother enrolled me at St Pat's with never a thought of fees and expenses - wanting only 'what was best'" in stanza 1. This line demonstrates belonging to a family as it shows the clear link between

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