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The World Wide Fund for Nature or WWF for short has worked at reducing our carbon footprint for over 45 years. Even since 1985, the World Wildlife Fund Network has invested over $1.165 billion in more than 11,000 projects. According to the WWF website, their mission is to conserve nature which they are actively doing in 100 countries with 1.2 million members in the United States and close to 5 million globally. There are several ways that everyone can do their part in supporting WWF. Supporters can donate money, adopt a species, or take action and directly help conserve our environment. I am going to discuss WWF’s cause and importance, how they are working to conserve nature, and how all of you can help support the cause. WWF’s goal is …show more content…
WWF is an incredibly important organization that everyone should support. 3 of the easiest ways to help WWF’s cause are donating money, “adopting” a species, and participating in Earth Hour. Approximately 60% of its funding comes from voluntary donations made by private individuals. Donations of any amount can be made online on the WWF website. You can also choose between doing a one-time or monthly donation. With most donations you get something in return like a WWF aluminum water bottles, WWF t-shirts, or WWF tote bags. When it comes to “adopting” a species there are 100 to choose from just a few of which are; arctic fox, tiger, panda, polar bear, sea turtle, and snowy owl. There are 3 different sized adoption kits, $25, $50, and $100. With the $25 kit you will receive an adoption certificate, species info card and a photo. The $50 kit includes all of this and a stuffed animal version of the species you select and a gift bag and the $100 kit include this and a frame and gift box instead of a bag. If at any time someone needs help with making a donation they can call the adoption line at 1-800-CALL-WWF. Earth Hour is a global event that was launched 3 years ago where everyone can take action by simply turning off his or her lights for one hour. According to this past March 27th, an estimated one billion people around the world participated in earth hour. An article

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