Essay about Persuasive Speech

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It was October 6, 1998 when he was lured from the bar that cold, fateful night. His skull was smashed with a pistol butt as he was lashed to a fence, left for dead in near freezing temperatures. Nearly eighteen hours later he was found by passersby and taken to a hospital where we remained in a coma for several days until slowly slipping away. At his funeral, picketers carried signs saying, "God Hates Fags" and *Fags Deserve to Die."

Matthew Sheppard is one of the thousands of victims who have suffered from the form of violence known as hate crimes.

Someone commits a hate crime every hour. In the most recent data collection, 1999, a reported 7, 876 hate crimes were committed. This is a national crisis that we cannot allow to
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In an excerpt taken from author Craig Horowitz's article entitled The New Anti-Semitism, printed in the book Hate Crimes, he states, "What also seems to defy rational analysis is the degree to which expressions of hate and intolerance have become acceptable."

He goes on to describe a pop culture in which hostility toward Jews, blacks, gays, women, and virtually anyone who is not like "us" routinely goes unremarked upon.

Almost worse than this acceptance, are the hate groups established across the nation.

Printed in an April 2 2001 article entitled Rising Tide of Hate found in US News and World Report, "The United States is home to 602 hate groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, 10 percent more than 1999." The previously mentioned tells of a man effected by these hate groups.

On June 6, 1998 James Byrd, a black man, was offered a ride by three white men with suspected ties to the KKK and Aryan Nation. The men drove James to an isolated area where they kicked him unconscious, spray painted him black and proceeded to chain him by the ankles to their pick- up truck. They dragged him to his death down a backwoods road, dismembering his body during the attack.

While these hate groups are harmful, equally so is the lack of acceptance for

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