Cons Of Vaccination Essay

There is a potential crisis on hand. A new strain of avian virus has emerged in China. There is a fear that it may jump across species and directly infect the human race. We know with certainty the affected birds have died but we are uncertain how mankind will be affected by this new virus. A few things are certain; immunity via vaccines saves many lives. As I stand before you all, let us not make a hasty decision without thought. Please allow me the time to present the pros and cons to vaccinating all citizens of United States, after all this becomes a struggle between personal freedoms and the good of an entire nation. We all have the right to be healthy and free from illness, especially if prevention is possible. Let me ask though; are …show more content…
However, we have become so very distant with each other as a supposed one people of a great nation. We have allowed greed, fear, and lies to rule over us too long. Let us return to our forefathers’ ways and return to our moral ways. Let us be diligent in our further research to determine the risk and side effects of the vaccine. Let us formulate it from wholesome ingredients as to not poison our people. Then, and only then, let us turn to our people and give them the truth. Let them know the horrid and very realistic crisis on hand. We have not given our people enough credit and underestimate the knowledge of our people. After being honest with the problem then let us be honest with the solution and the non-exaggerated results from our diligent research. If we can do this, our people will fight for their right to be vaccinated and protect each other. As for the few who cannot due to allergies or existing disease, if we vaccinate at least 95% of our general population, the remaining 5% shall be safe as well through group immunity. This must all be done quickly and correctly. For this plan to be effective we must not allow our people to become sick from this virus, at

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