Persuasive Speech : Deaf Athletes Essay

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terpreter or they can play without one. If they do hire an interpreter there are lots of precautions the interpreter must make. The interpreter must watch carefully to understand all the plays. If there are timeouts interpreter are either next to the coach singing or right across from the athlete communicating to them and preparing them for competition. When the deaf students are playing, interpreters position themselves on side lines in there athlete’s direct line of view and sign information the coach may give. If the interpreter is gone or if the athlete does not have an one, coaches assign other teammates to help with communication. Sometimes deaf athletes may interpret that the coach is mad at them or doesn 't like them this is because deaf people can 't read lips when people are yelling or hear them even though they are very loud. Deaf athletes that use sign language share simple sport related signs so that hearing kids and deaf kids can understand each other. Sometimes secret codes can break down another team by frustrating them or confusing them just like Paul Hubbards huddle. When Hearing Coaches coach deaf athletes there can be a lot of confusion but there are some things that can bring faster success results. Teammates and coaches need to be sure that the deaf athlete is facing coach during instructions and soaking up information. If interpreters are used they should be standing next to the coach when in the huddle to communicate with the child letting them…

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