Persuasive Essay On Transhumanism

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Nowadays, the boundaries of technological advancement are limitless. Evolution has progressed to the point where our great, sentient species could accomplish anything if it had the time. If it had the time. If the human species is to survive this troubling time of global warming, pollution and intraspecific conflict, it is scientifically-certified that our species will morph into something almost unrecognisable in a few million years. Scientists theorise that in the foreseeable future, as little as a few thousand years, the human genus will separate into two sub-species, a shorter, less intelligent sub-species and a taller more intelligent sub-species. The point is that change is inevitable, we cannot avoid it. But what if ‘a few million years’ is not soon enough? With the growing robotics industry, the development of excessively powerful processors and the entirely real threat of an imminent, terminator-style AI takeover as a result, current humans will become no more than out-of-date models within a few decades. Although not all hope is lost for our dear species, the transhumanistic movement aims to combat this issue at its roots. Transhumanism is defined as an international, cultural …show more content…
This belief is completely irrational, especially due to the urgency of humanity’s situation as previously discussed, it’s stubborn to doom our species as a result of a meagre religious value. Risking the future of everyone you know and love, is barely justifiable. Awareness of the consequences for not taking Transhumanism seriously needs to be promoted, as time passes, the severity will only grow. On a much lighter note, Transhumanism has a luxurious aspect, implying it isn’t just the key to saving our species, but also the key to your very own Doctor Who™

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