Persuasive Essay On Smoking Should Be Banned

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Imagine you get home and find your five year old holding a cigarette to her mouth, inhaling, zipping and puffing. Strange? Can we blame the little child for aspiring to be like the grown-ups in her life? After all, children are expected to learn from us. Our children can hardly wait to be young adults to start smoking, risking their health to smoke. When our society allows smoking in homes and private smoking areas, what picture are we creating in the mind of our future generation? Cigarettes/tobacco smoking is dangerous to our health, period! There is absolutely no benefit in this habit, only serious harm. If we work toward banning cigarettes/tobacco smoking in the state of Florida, together we will make Florida a healthy state that other …show more content…
It contains 599 additives. Do we need a debate to see the truth that is staring us in the face? This fact has been over-stretched and some schools of thought only think banning it in public places is sufficient. The law says one has the choice to harm oneself, but refuse to see the alarming rate at which people are getting affected by secondhand smoking.
Over 45 million Americans are smokers. Where does that leave the rest of us on secondhand smoking? The smoke that burns from the end of a cigarette actually contains more harmful substances (tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, and others) than the smoke inhaled by the smoker (WebMD, 2015). Can we stop fooling ourselves; the government’s stand on the issue is pure politics, the fear of losing over 45 million voters during election is not a joke to our politicians. No politician can publicly endorse tobacco products, but they support with passion, projects on treatment for smoke-related diseases. It is time to tell them to stop playing kites with our health? People are dying, even when they do not allow smoking in their homes they still get it from smoke infiltration through vents, cracks in the walls or floors. This is a serious problem facing multi-unit housing residents. Many children were diagnosed with damage to their growing lungs, other respiratory illnesses and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), yet their parents are non-smokers. Secondhand smoking is a major concern
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American Lung Association (2014) stated that, “Non-smokers exposed to secondhand smoke at work are at risk for adverse health effects”. A ban on outdoor smoking at work and in public places will not only result in cleaner air and better health but also increased productivity.
In addition, some pregnant women simply don’t care! If she can harm herself, what is the law doing about the life within her. The effect on unborn children is really terrifying, as most babies’ abuse starts even before they’re born. Most babies having survived low oxygen and increased heart rates while in the womb, come out to battle with birth defects and respiratory problems. “The nicotine, carbon monoxide and numerous other poisons inhaled from cigarettes are carried through the blood stream and go directly to the baby,”(WedMd,2015).
“Heart Disease is the leading cause of the death in the world and smoking is an instigator,” stated Randy Shuck of Bay News 9. Cigarette smoking; however, is the number one cause of preventable diseases and death in the world. Short-term exposure can increase heart attack. In fact, just a brief exposure can actually trigger a heart attack. Lung cancer, COPD, stroke and other cancers and diseases are increasing due to smoking and exposure to it. Studies explained that addiction to smoking started at as early as age fourteen. (Smoking Aloud, 2014) Most smokers had their first cigarette by the age of nine. Currently, over 5% of our high school

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