Persuasive Essay On Children

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Imagine yourself in a world where your children are starving in your household. The breathless actions that you, as a parent, would do in order to prevent that child from starving would be meaningless. How? Well, for obvious reasons, there isn’t any food in neither your pantry nor the local grocery store. Not even in Walmart. You’re completely out of supplies, and find yourself useless as a parent. Your children are still grasping onto you for food and you have nothing. Is that the world you want to live in? If yes, then you have rendered yourself to be either a psycho or not a parent. It’s really fine whatever you describe yourself as. If no, then I suggest that you look carefully for the next few paragraphs that I am about to address. Since the Industrial Revolution, we, as human beings, have placed billions upon billions of tons of carbon into the air. You might’ve learned in high school science class that carbon is a good thing for the environment. That’s very true, but not everything can be good if there’s too much of it. What if I put 10,000 grams of sugar into your soft drink? Would you drink it? Obviously, that’s way more than enough. You would probably be dead by the time you’ve …show more content…
Many of you are still rejecting everything I’ve put down. You want to live your life as graceful as possible since you won’t live forever. But do you remember what I explained in the beginning? The Earth is not some still being that won’t react to whatever you’re doing. It can also be as mean as those carbon atoms. One of the things that can happen is the dramatic decline in food production. Your children and grandchildren are still at risk and you’re one of the many who are putting their lives in danger. The planet is warming up fast and our animals and plants are being affected. Why should you care? Why should I care? For starters, I have to live on food in order to stay alive. I don’t know what keeps you alive, but I sure want to keep myself

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