Persuasive Essay On Banning Child Labor

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It is simply undeniable that child labour is an issue that stems from the depths of poverty. In 2008, nearly 215 million children were working worldwide to aid in supporting their families, whether by choice or by force (United Nations, 2010). A child’s family may rely on child labor in order to improve their chances of attaining basic necessities and maintaining a fair standard of living. Numerous people might say that we should ban child labour, as well as boycott companies who exploit children in order to construct their products, the reality is, banning child labour simply creates a more dangerous life for the average working child.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is an organization that aims to promote social justice and recognize international human and labour rights (International Labour Organization, n.d.). The ILO states that child labour is “work
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Children should not be subjected to working on a task that they mentally and physically cannot process without the risk of injury. Some people suggest that work should be also be supplemented by some form of schooling when the children aren’t working. This idea would consider the fact that children need to continue to help provide for their families while simultaneously gaining an education that can help them in their futures. If a policy like this becomes implemented, both the employers and the children can benefit in their day to day lives.
An argument for banning child labour would be that if children aren’t being forced to work, they instead could go to school and receive a proper education; unfortunately, this alternative isn’t realistic to what actually happens when a child is put out of work (McNamee, 2015). The counter point to this, is that children who are not employed in formalized factories often are put to work in agriculture instead of being sent to

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