Persuasive Essay On Anxiety

Philosophy There have been many studies, and it is undisputed that pets improve the lives of them owners. Studies have shown that animals have improved the anxiety levels of their owners that suffer with mental disorders, elderly residents in nursing facilities, as well as, regulating autonomic stress in women. Therapist have been using these studies to improve therapy for a variety of disorder, such as, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anxiety can be a life altering disorder, that effects certain or all areas of our life. There is different stressor that can induce a panic attack, this program was designed to focus on those that have experienced a traumatic situation, witness, and students. Animals will be used to alleviate …show more content…
People who suffer from anxiety often experience restlessness, fatigue, impaired concentration, and irritability are just a few of the symptoms. Anxiety affects 18 percent of the population in the United States, that’s is approximately 40 million people. This proposal will focus on those who suffer from anxiety due to traumatic events, such as, violent crimes, and those who suffer from test anxiety. (Zavala, 2016)
Victims of Violent Crimes
Victims of violent crimes often relive the experience of the traumatic event when, they are asked to speak of the event. The victims will often experience the physiological reactions that they experience at the time of the attack. The added stress of testifying in court in front of them attacker, can debilitating, and damage their testimonial. (Justice, 2016)

Test Anxiety Test anxiety is a psychological condition that can occur prior to testing or during testing, the symptoms can be so server that a student is unable to complete the test. The
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Lowered the levels of stress hormones, and activation and psychological changes in the person’s mood. The volunteer team studied 76 hospitalized heart patients. The group was divided into two section. Group A had only human volunteers, and group B had human/ animal volunteers. Researches monitored patient’s hemodynamics before the intervention, during, and after. Researchers found that anxiety scores lowered 24 percent in patients who had the human/animal volunteer, patients with human volunteers only, lowed the scores by 10 percent. Anxiety was measured with Spielberger’s self-report state anxiety inventory. Levels of stress hormone dropped an average of 14.1 pictograms in the human/ animal volunteer team, and only dropped two percent in the human volunteer team. (Cole, 2005) This is just one of many studies on how animal therapy can aid patients in healing mentally and

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