Persuasive Essay : Ioc Should Place A Blanket On Russian Athletes From Rio Olympics

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Persuasive Position Response: IOC Should Place a Blanket On Russian Athletes from The Rio Olympics Due to Widespread Doping.
The Speaker had many claims to help support his proposition about Russia and if they should be allowed to participate in the 2016 World Olympics. He claimed that Russia was aware of the illegal action, the Russians gave a bad reputation to the Olympics and IOC, and that it is unfair to fellow athletes. Although these statements are very good there is room for rebuttal.
The first claim that the speaker introduces is that Russia was well aware of illegal doping. Let’s not forget that doping is not a new problem that has occurred in the Olympics. Drake Baer the author of “Doping Is As Weird and Old as the Olympics, and It’s Only Getting Weirder” he explains how doping has evolved and how it has been happening since the games were first created. He explains how even the ancient Olympians used their form of “doping” at the time so that athletes would have better competition results, and how doping has been happening ever since. Even though there has been evidence of doping since the Olympics first started, there is no evidence of an established organization, such as the IOC, in earlier times. Therefore, doping was common then and it has continued to be through the ages. Also, there are other forms of enhancements besides the use of drugs that athletes use to have better performances. Ellis Cashmore the author of “Why Sports Should Allow Doping” argues the…

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