Essay on Is Our Country As Good As Our Athletes Are?

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The article, “Is Our Country as Good as Our Athletes Are?”, written by David Brooks and published in the New York Times brings a different, uncommon perspective on today’s United States of America. When politics arise in conversation in the modern day, most people have strong, negative attitudes and views on America. In the middle of a presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the negatives on today’s world are often brought to the forefront. Additionally, many people are not overly fond of either of the candidates who seem to be quite different than the usual president-to-be. In result, numerous people tend to have pessimistic views of the future as well. As for sports in America, not much on the negative side can be said. Crushing the field for decades in the olympics and in the most recent, Rio Olympics, the US totaled 121 medals which nearly doubled the second place China. Brooks explains through this article how America’s economy is not as bad as people think. The article compares the United States’ economic success to the winning culture that the sports program shows consistently. He displays many areas in which America excels and how it compares to other countries. In this piece, Brooks uses descriptive writing that focuses on ethos and logos, rather than pathos, to attempt to reach the pessimistic Americans and prove to them that America is still an elite country of the world. Brooks does a good job of researching for his article and relaying valid…

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