Persuasive Argument For Globalization: The Case For Contamination By Appiah

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The Case for Contamination by Appiah provides a persuasive argument for globalization in terms of its positive and negative impact on the cultures of our society. A person’s identity comes mainly from their culture or nationality. Culture varies around the world and is influenced by outside ideas. Our cultures change with the time, and if you look closely you will see that there is a social, economic, and cultural interchange. As Appiah states: “Societies without change aren’t authentic; they’re just dead.”
Cultural .globalization opens the door to learning and understanding foreign cultures. The comprehension of these principles reduces stereotypes and misconceptions. The influences of Western culture can be seen through television, the web,
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As Appiah stated, “A tenable global ethics has to temper a respect for difference with a respect for the freedom of actual human beings to make their own choices.” There is a relationship between cultural diversity and freedom. As humans, we all have the freedom to express our ideas and thoughts. We have the ability to decide what ideas or values from another culture that we want to integrate into our lives and how we plan to do it. The integration of other cultures does not mean the traditions of the current culture have to disintegrate. However, our views and circumstances change which also leads to a change in our understanding of the world. Our comprehension of the world changes our …show more content…
We are in a technological era and globalization provides each culture an outlet for self-presentation. Technology gives people a platform where they can provide knowledge and raise awareness based on the understanding of their stories or identities along with cultural identity portrayal. A great example of this is the BuzzFeed videos on people talking about how stereotypes on culture, gender, and physical attributes affect them. Global media allows people to communicate and comment on issues that are relevant in preserving their culture and allowing them to stay

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