Essay about Perspectives on Sexuality

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Perspectives on Sexuality
I. Define/explain the following terms:
1. Sex: “Biological maleness and femaleness” (Crooks, p. G7).
2. Intercourse: “the act of sexual procreation between a man and a woman; the man's penis is inserted into the woman's vagina and excited until orgasm and ejaculation occur” (
3. Heterosexual: “Sexually oriented to persons of the opposite sex” (
4. Homosexual: “A person whose primary erotic, psychological, emotional, and social orientation is toward members of the same sex” (Crooks, p. G4).
5. Bisexual: “Sexual attraction to both men and women” (Crooks, p. G1).
6. Celibacy: The state of being unmarried and abstaining from sexual intercourse, as superior to marriage (Crooks,
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Our text states that “every society shapes, structures, and constrains the development and expression of sexuality in all of its members” (p. 5). Culture has a great impact on the way sex is viewed. Some cultures demand that sexual urges be repressed to others that almost celebrate sex. One of the most liberal societies is China, which has a rich history of sex dating back to 2500 BCE, until the communist victory in 1949 which brought new “rules” pertaining to sexual behavior. In today’s China the attitude and behaviors have changed loosening the control of people’s lives including sexuality. Slaves often experienced sexual denigration in that they were often abused and abhorred. African American women faced abuse not only from their own owners but union soldiers who often justified their own abuses using the image that they were told the women portrayed. Slaves were for work and women slaves also were evaluated for their productive abilities. Male slaves were exploited for their work ability, physical strength, and virility. They were used in “breeding” programs with those females chosen for reproduction. Even with the end of slavery some of these men and women still experienced abuse at the hand of those from whom they were freed in order to maintain social control over them. There is a lot of controversy where politics and sex are concerned. Because of such diverse norms across cultures in the United States it is hard to determine what policies,

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