Personally Identifiable Information Essay

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IFSM 201
JULY 22, 2012
Anyone who uses computer technology today accepts the fact that their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may or could be transmitted, collected, and used to benefit the one who receives that information. It is our responsibility to know what PII transmissions are being made available for public use over the web. Understanding all the aspects of PII and the approaches that are to be taken to protect our privacy will make us more aware of PII. As we continue to utilize the technology available, we expose ourselves to become donors of PII. Having knowledge of what PII is and how information is being compiled to identify
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Information about a person such as their birth and age is private. How we keep that information from the public is the security part of the puzzle (Allison, Capretz, Yamany, & Wang, 2012). When using computers to conduct online searches, information is being relayed from one source to another. These transactions are recorded during the process and this information is then used to build a data file on the type of interest that is being acquired (Poritz, 2007).
According to The Department of Homeland Security, we are required to submit our own personal information on forms requesting access to their facility. This is how they avoid the proliferation of our personal information and inform us that personal data is being collected and our consent is notice in accordance with the privacy act. These procedures allow for proper handling of sensitive PII (Homeland Security, 2011). How to protect our PII issues first deals with knowing what information is considered to be that of a sensitive nature. Information that is compromised without our authorization that can cause us and inconvenience, embarrassment, or harm is considered PII (Homeland Security, 2011).
Today we are more aware of the information that is being displayed throughout the internet with database files compiled containing our PII. It is only when we become sensitive to the actions governing the use of PII that we take control of our rights to identify

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