Essay on Personality

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What would make a personality test reliable and valid? In this week personiality is the main focuas. It is amazing how much information a person can learn just from reading into peoples emotional, mental, and social characteristics. The purpose here is to help others understand what personality is, the key features that define, the key concepts. The information gathered will tell if personality features consistent, and what will make a personality test reliable and valid.
Aftering intence research personiality is the charther apperance that is seen by outside indivuals. Personiality is also seen as the characteristics impression that is given to another person about an indiviual. However, Shantell has never taken
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Once she has taken in her sourndings she then reacts to her enviorment in a way that does not offend her peers. The deducative part of this helps her to communaticate on a bussines level. This aproach allows her to remove all non-formal actions that are not appropate in the corprate world. These two approaches has shown Shantell’s charher and disciplin and has given her an explanitaion of why she reacts the way she does in different souroundings. Personaility features Personaility features can change by the secounds. However, this depends on the person and the sitituation at hand. The most common causes that plays a major part in the chance of a persons personility is sepration from friends and love ones. Also if a prson experencies harsh or violent behavior, or if he or she expericencies predicus weather its racisim or sexisim. A person takeing medication whitch causes side affects will cause a drastic change in his or her personility. Personailty can change instantly without werning and plays a majioe affect on the person souroundings. Reliability The one thing that will make a personiality test reliable and vailid is to break the test up in to parts. When this is done the testee must make sure that when the scores come back they are consistant to one another.This would be the best stragie for creating a reliable test. Because each person is different the questions the testee views will be interpit differently from another person.

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