Personality Essay

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Personality has been assessed using many different approaches but non have come up with exactly what makes our personality.

Personality is a pattern of enduring, distinctive thoughts, emotions and behaviors that characterize the way an individual adapts to the world. Behavior, character traits, attitude, environments we are exposed in makes up one’s personality. Humanistic perspective is the emphasis on a person’s capacity for personal growth and positive human qualities. Humanistic psychologists believe that we all have the ability to control our lives to achieve what we desire. Carl Rogers was struggling to understand the unhappiness of the individuals he encountered in therapy
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He called them The Five Factor Model of Personality:
Openness – liberal values, open mindedness, tolerance, creativity. These are more likely to dress distinctively.
Conscientiousness – positively related to high school students and college students’ grades point averages, linked to better quality friendships, dressing neatly.
Extraversion – engage in social activities and experience gratitude and a strong sense of meaning in life.
Agreeableness – related to generosity and altruism, reports of religious faith and to more satisfying romantic relationships
Neuroticism (emotional ) – related to feeling negative emotion more often than positive emotion in one’s daily life and to experiencing more lingering negative states. Even if Murray and Allport were on the faculty at the Psychological clinic at havard , they both saw personality very differently. Murray coined the word personology to refer to study of the whole person. He believed that to understand a person, we have to know that person’s history, including the physical, psychological and sociological aspects of the person’s life. Because researchers cannot ask people to say what it is they want, Murray along with Christiana Morgan, developed the thematic appreciation test (TAT). A person looks at an ambiguous picture and writes or tells a story of what is going on. The scoring procedure involves content analysis, a

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