Personality Is A Theory Of Psychological Research Essay

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Personality is a term that has coined numerous definitions and a psychological concept that has a variety of models. One model in particular, the "Big Five" model, has been recognized for its effectiveness in "characterizing subjects’ personalities" (Sinphurmsukskul, Froer & Ahleim 1-1). By considering five conglomerated domains of personality, the Big Five has successfully maintained its stature as one of the most... The Big Five, also called the five-factor theory, is a self-test in which the test taker rates given statements on a five-point scale of agreeableness; one generally being "strongly disagree," five generally being "strongly agree," and three being neutral. Personality has been one of the most examined and researched abstract concepts through decades of theories, tests, models and experiments. These works have made essential contributions to the science of psychological research. The development of the five-factor model is derived from the work of various psychologists. It is generally said to be begun with the research from Gorden Allport around the mid 1930 's. Allport came up with roughly 4,500 adjectives for describing personality characteristics (Sinphurmsukskul, Froer & Ahleim 1-1). Roughly a decade later, a man named Raymond Cattell was able to narrow down their work to sixteen specific traits. In 1949, Cattell "published the first version of the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire to measure these traits" (Burger 160-160). Cattell believed that…

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