Essay on Personality and the Five Factor Theory

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PSYC Essay To understand personality there are three main aspects that must be looked at: LArsen and Buss Definition of personality, The Six Domains of knowledge of personality, and Costa and McCrae's Five Factor Theory. In this essay I will first break down larsen and Buss definition and connect it to the domains, then connect the domains to the five factor thoery (FFT). Larsen and Buss define personality as "the set of psychological traits and mechanisms within the individual that are organized and relitivly enduring and that influence his or her interactions with, and adaptations to, the environment (including the intrapsychic, physical and social environment)." To fully understand this defintion, it is best to break it down into …show more content…
Now that I've broken down the definition of personality and linked it to the domains, I will look at Costa and McCraes Five Factor Theory (Fig4). FFT is an excellent way to show how the peices of personality work to gether to make the whole and by connecting it to the domains it creates a stronger understanding of personality. If there had to be one most important factor to the FFT it would be the Basic Tendancies. This is because has the strongest releationship to traits and the dispositional domain. Basic tendancies are the core and traits are the core of basic tendacies. But what makes something a trait? The first way to look is the Lexical approach. This approach states that all important individual differences have become encoded in the natural language, meaning that, over time, important differences in people are noticed and words are made to describe those differences. Taking this a step further is the statistical approach which takes these lexical wordings and gourps them under broader catagories. By factor loading each item you see how much it correlates with each factor. This allows smaller adjectives (Productive, hard working, determined) to be classified under larger factors (ambition). By using the statistical appraoch, researchers have come up with models of the most important traits ranging from Eysenyks 3 to Cattels 16. The model that gets the most praise from research is the Five Factor Model (FFM). FFM has five catogories with wich it

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