S Phychosocial Theory, And Erikson's Theory Of Personality And Human Development

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An individual is defined or made unique by an amalgamation of characteristics and qualities. This describes what personality is in a nutshell. Throughout the lifespan, human traits can be expressed either biologically or environmentally (nature vs. nurture). Thus, contextual situations can influence human development. Such circumstantial changes include "normative age-grade influences, normative history-graded influences, and nonnormative life events" (Santrock, 2013, p. 6).
There are theories of human development that explain an individual 's personality or personal growth, theories including Erikson 's psychosocial theory, Piaget 's cognitive developmental theory, and Bandura 's social cognitive theory. Santrock (2013) takes a different approach; he believes in what is called an "eclectic theoretical orientation" whereby one "selects from each theory whatever is considered its best features" (p. 26). In other words, one 's development can be drawn from multiple theories that relate to the individual.
Numerous factors play a role in an individual 's development. Just as
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I thought that my level here would be slightly higher. My selflessness undoubtedly came from my parents. My father is a very generous man. For example, he always tries his best to help his family and friends whenever they are in need of financial or spiritual support. On the other hand, my mother is a nurse; she has to be benevolent and practical when dealing with patients. The career I am choosing to pursue involves helping people with communication disorders. The ability to speak is a human right, and for people who struggle with communication, it can be a tremendous struggle. Some sufferers even contemplate committing suicide because the disorder is just unbearable. Again, unquestionably, I believe that I biologically inherited altruism from my parents. For as long as I remember, being altruistic has always been something natural to

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