Essay about Personality and Ethics

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1.0 Introduction
By 2012, our world population stands at 7 billion and counting (Nasser, 2011). And not a single person is without a personality. Our personality is what makes who we are, what we do, who we interact with and how we live our life. It is a vital aspect that drives most of the decisions and choices an individual makes in his lifespan, and throughout this lifespan, the individual’s personality are tempered by external factors. In spite of all that, the nature of an individual’s personality still commands a degree of stability across time and situations as they grow from childhood to old age. And every individual’s personality begins the moment they are capable of perceiving the world.
The development of one’s personality
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Therefore, as people realize their behavior whether ethical or unethical, they will have the tendency to change our personality so that it meets the social acceptance level. This is because when people behave in alignment to social expectations, they will be perceived as doing the correct thing. This relationship leads to an endless cycle among personality, behavior and ethics.
The importance of having personality is that it helps in predicting and understanding people’s behaviors (Carven & Scheier, 2008). It is believed that people always try to understand someone and predict what will be his or her behavior in varying situation by observing his or her physical characteristics to trim down the risk of uncertainty (Arthur, Hall & Lawrence, 1996). Through personality, people’s fear of insecurity and ambiguity can be reduced as they merely know what will be they actions and behaviors in certain circumstances.
Moreover, personality can also help humans to understand disease and health-related behavior of an individual such as exercising, smoking and consumption of alcohol. Feist and Feist (2008) says that personality is incapable of causing a disease which people suffered from, but it can help to recognize what is the cause of some disease to occur from their personality, behavior and emotional reaction under certain conditions. It can also help people to interpret, cope and adapt to every situations (Larsen & Buss, 2005).

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