Personalities Theories Paper

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Personality Theories Paper
Izine Harris
University of Phoenix
Kurtis Armstrong
October 14, 2012

Personality Theories Paper

Personality is derived from of many different theories and genres. Personality typically can be reference to as many diverse arrays of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that sets each individual apart in a unique way. Theorist has concluded that an individual external influence can inspire how certain traits are articulated and originated through personality theories. As each person grows older researchers have stated that a human being personality tends to remain consistently the same throughout existence. Personality theories were generally formulated from
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More so, Freud also proposed that personality is a make-up of three different components which are the id, ego and super ego. He also believed that each of these components of personality will always oppose to one another. The id is held accountable for all desires and urges, while the superego accounts for principles and ethics of personality. The ego typically modulates between the demands of the id, the superego, and realism. However, referencing to the A Dictionary of Psychology, humanistic theory is the belief in the basic goodness and respect of humankind. Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers set the bar and standard in the mid 20 century for their innovative methodology to grasping personality and improving the global gratification of individuals. In the early 1960’s, the conflict of war and peace arose with the need to accepting human nature. Overall the humanistic theory has enlighten many individual views and provided a better understanding for the sake of war and peace. The humanistic theory is a critical response to the methodological importance of both psychodynamic and behaviorist knowledge. Maslow reviewed human motives as the need for self-actualization. Maslow believed that human basic needs are satisfied through self-realization of their full potential. He also believed that personality is a derivative of a healthy human being. On the other hand, psychodynamic theories are clinical based case

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