Personal Statement : ' The Orange Basketball ' Essay

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“ Now, each day I am surrounded by basketballs. These basketballs cause me happiness as well as stressness. They make the “BOING” when bouncing against the wood and the “SWISH” sounds when flowing through the net. I love these basketballs so much. Yet, I still find myself thinking of my favorite faded, orange basketball that I carry by my side everyday. It has a better sound, and it feels better in my hands. Even though is was an animated object,I loved it more than anything. I’ll never forget my first love: my faded, orange basketball” (AJ Cheeseman). AJ Cheeseman is a person who loves to take his dedication with care and time. He is a very hard-working person; when he wants to get things done, he makes sure they are accomplished.
AJ Cheeseman is currently eighteen years old and was born on January 22, 1998. When people hear his last name, “Cheeseman”, they would think he is joking about his own last name; however, he finds nothing amusing from his own last name. His last name allows AJ to stay intact with who he is. His father’s name is William Cheeseman and his mother’s is Trina Alexander. AJ has six sisters, while him being the only male sibling in the family. Having six sisters sometimes restrains him from individual timing for each sister; however, he always tries

2 to make the best of it by spending as much time as he can. From freshmen to senior year, AJ attended Collins Hill High School. AJ was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, but is presently living in New…

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