Personal Statement : Sociology And Sociology Essay

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Sociology Personal Statement
I first became hooked by sociology when I started it back in GCSE years, and since then I have realised that the world we live in isn’t quite as simple as we once thought it was, and how society can be affected by different things in different ways. I wish to be able to know, how a person can act differently in one area than somebody from a different area, also how the society in which somebody is socialised can cause them to turn to crime whether it be through material deprivation or pressure from their peers. My favourite area of Sociology to learn about is Crime, I am so interested in the ways in which crime can affect our lives in both bad and good ways, and also learn how something that can be perceived as a crime to one person can be seen as perfectly acceptable to another. I carried Sociology onto A-Level and this just went further into detail on the things that I was interested and I can’t wait to be able to go even deeper into why things happen in a society the way that they do.
My lessons that we do at A-Level include everything from Marxism to education, crime, family and culture as well as going into the depths of research methods. During these lessons I have been able to recognise how society can have an effect on people in different ways, and I have been able to see this when I have been walking around towns and cities. As research for these lessons I have been reading ‘The Communist Manifesto’ by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.…

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