Essay on Personal Statement On My Personal Development

940 Words Sep 26th, 2016 4 Pages
One thing that I find truly amazing is meeting people from different backgrounds and getting a global idea while being in one place. Within the diverse cultures, everyone has some strengths, weaknesses, influences, and events that have impacted their life. Each person’s personality, goals, and achievements are unique to them; and there is no one else that can have the same exact dreams or way of being. In this paper, I will be elaborating on my strengths, weaknesses, skills, goals, factors with the greatest impact on my personal development, as well as major events that have influenced me. Everyone has at least one event or factor that has an impact on their life that affects their actions and decisions. One of these factors for me is my family. They have taught me everything I know up to this very day. I am beyond grateful for the strong foundation they gave me and I wish to never let them down. To me, they are my motivation, my strength, my everything. Losing my grandfather this past summer gave me one huge life lesson, I have to enjoy every day to the maximum of my ability because one never knows if it’s the last and nothing can be taken for granted. Not only have I learned to enjoy every day as much as I can, but also I have been able to use my strength and diligence to reach my goals. Some of my goals seemed almost impossible to people that knew me; however, I was able to show them that I can do anything I set my mind to. When I was going to 9th grade, I applied for a…

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