Personal Statement Of Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Statement of Teaching Philosophy
M. Th. Hassan
The student is the key element in the education process and teaching is in the heart of this process. The mentor should direct the student in his journey of study with giving a clear space for the student creativity. My primary goal will be to help the students to think about their own thinking so they able to recognize shortcoming and correct their reasoning as they go, as well as developing their skills, and to be an independent scholar.
I am a life longer learner and this spirit should be transfer to my students. The interaction between the mentor and the students and among the students themselves is very important to keep their motivation for learning. This interaction should not only limited to the class time but also the office hours which allows for direct close interaction. The student in the university stage is like a sponge so he/she absorbs the knowledge from his mentor and from his colleagues, so I believe the good mentor who assists the student not only in learning the course topic but it should be extended teach the students how to work collaboratively and in teams.
The physics is the science of nature so the physics student shall feel the physics concept they study, this will transfer the physics study from dry to fun process. I think the good mentor who explains the physics in most simple, straightforward way. For instance, the Math is essential in studying physics but it should do not be used in anxiety…

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