Personal Statement : Being Happy Essay

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If someone was to ask, what is happiness? Would you know how to respond to that question? Two years ago someone ask me that question and I responded with “being happy” my reply could be a broad answer, but when you reach that space feeling happy at work, home or being helpful to other individuals there is no greater feeling of fulfillment when we do for others. If only life can be so simple because as Simon Sinek detailed in the video it is hard to come to work and care about the customers when the higher power human being above us don’t care. Due to not getting some type of recognition, eventually we start to not have feelings for the line of work we do causing us to not give the full potential work morals we once had. Helping someone we may or may not know in our life good or positive things happens. However, when we get treated horrible our reaction by default puts out negative vibes into the world.
When it comes to technology I always say it can be a gift or a curse, and with these devices it’s hard to interact with one another. In Simon Sinek Discussion he talked about how we lose the site of helping individuals out because we use more time and energy with our phones, listening to music and all the other crazy gadget we get lost in. We should use more time and energy helping people, because they will be inspired to help someone else. I completely agree with Simon for the reason that one day while putting air in my tires at Wawa a little boy and his father asked if they…

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