Personal Statement : Bangkok, Thailand Essay

1230 Words Sep 4th, 2015 null Page
In Bangkok, Thailand, I faced several prejudices mostly because I was poor. Back in my country, the families had to pay for their children’s education. So those that born into the families of doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, politician, and other high paying occupation get to go to the “fancy” school. Growing up in a family of single mom who sell insurance and second hand clothing for a living did not help me much in school. No money mean no future in Thailand. One cannot be successful in life if one does not born in a pile of money. As a kid with a dream of becoming a doctor, did not believe in that. I worked as a dishwasher and helper at the restaurant and store, respectively to pay for my education. Together with the income from my mom who worked seven days a week, I was able to attend of those prestigious schools. In the beginning I studied rigorously as a student and worked hard as a laborer with the belief that I can become successful one day. I thought that I defy the social norm and that I can actually reach my dream. However, being in such an expensive school brought me so doubt. In that great school, almost every single student came from an affluent family. Every single day, my classmate would talk about how expensive their new shoes are or how much money their parents give them for lunch. Of course, I, who wore a worn out shoe and brought my own lunch to school, could not fit into the conversation. So, I focused on my studies and my family instead of trying to…

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