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1. At OSSM, you will live, study, and work with students from throughout Oklahoma. How would you describe yourself and your background to these students?

I was raised in a middle-class suburban neighborhood by my mom and dad. I have two older siblings who both went off to college before I even went to middle school. This caused me to be raised almost like an only child, but I am still very close to my siblings. I went to a public school until freshman year, and then I transferred to a private school. The differences between the two have taught me lessons that can’t be found in textbooks. Various camps and activities I’ve done over the summer have prepared me for my future as well as for dealing with my current situation. I’ve been working
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Prior to transferring, I had been at the same school for my whole life, so it was a huge change for me. Not only did I not know anyone at the new school, but also it was the beginning of high school and I was unsure how I would fit in. I was nervous about meeting new people and fitting in, and after transferring, my grades suffered slightly. The biggest hit to my self-confidence was in math. While it was an honors class and I understood that it would be difficult for me to adjust, my grade kept dropping. Eventually, I was forced to move down to a lower level. I was devastated. Despite math being one of my stronger subjects, it was the first thing I struggled with at my new school. I can still remember the disappointment I felt. None of my friends said anything, but my own insecurity made me feel as if they were judging me. I was panicking and stressed, and could barely focus in my other classes. To some, having to move down a math class may not seem like much, but for me, it destroyed my pride and …show more content…
Can you believe that it has already been 15 years since I graduated? I just finished my fellowship, and I’m finally getting ready to officially start practicing medicine. It’s so strange to think all the way back to my high school days, but I wouldn’t be where I am without OSSM. Before going to OSSM, I was unsure about my future and always wavering on what I wanted to do, but attending OSSM has helped solidify my resolve. Who would have thought I would have changed so much! I’m still learning new things everyday, and I find myself often applying what I learned at OSSM to help me get through tough spots.
The strong math and science background that I gained from OSSM has helped me immensely. Without it, I would have never made it through undergraduate and medical school. Medical school was super stressful, and residency seemed to drag on forever, but I’m here! It may have been tough, but I’ve made my own happiness, and now I can live without worrying too much. I’ve met a lot of great people and made a lot of fun memories on this journey. Now, I can proudly write that I’m satisfied with my life. I have found my own place in the world, and I can start changing it one step at a

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