Personal Philosophy : My First Draft Essay

1492 Words Oct 24th, 2016 6 Pages
Draft 2 After re-reading my first draft several times in preparation for this, a realization struck me questioning what the heck I actually meant by my personal philosophy. Despite my bold statement of setting out on the path to break free from this preset pattern of life for us; for an individual to achieve the unattainable heights of success or notoriety, I cannot help but feel a slight cringe. The reason for this contributed to me truly realizing just how little I knew about human life, and this haunted me causing doubt within myself and whether what I wrote was complete fictional gibberish for a class, or if it something that I actually believe in. In spite of the short duration between the previous draft and this, my philosophy to life have slightly transitioned, to say the least. For example, as I was writing my previous draft, the heavy influence of just having read motivational and inspirational books about humanities wealthiest individuals to have ever existed gave me a false delusional confidence and aspiration for me to thrive towards the pursuit of materialism wants such as fortune and fame. However, after giving serious thoughts behind the ideologies of Plato and Socrates through the dialogues, in addition to viewing my life and its meaning from a wider perspective. To simply put it, I want to be as true and real as I can be to myself despite the difficulty of actually doing so. To begin, Socrates is believed to have said “Do not be angry with me for…

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