Essay on Personal Note On The Turkish Restaurant Istanbul

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It was a summer day around eleven o’clock in the morning; the sun was beaming through every window in Lagny. I was getting ready to go to my friend’s apartment, before heading out I had to buy two delicious warm baguettes from Pain Dore Boulangerie, and get a gift for my friend’s niece. Once I am ready, I go out the door and walk out to the sunny, beautiful, bright Lagny. As I walk around the city, I pass by the Turkish restaurant Istanbul. Every time my friends and I passed by the restaurant, we would feel like someone was watching us. I go about my day, and stop at the boulangerie and get two warm baguettes. As I enter the boulangerie, I then see a small Arabian guy enter. I buy the baguettes and go to a cute little shop and purchase the gift for my friend’s niece. I head back home and see the same short Arabian guy following me. I get scared and start walking fast; he sees me walking fast, so he walks faster. Now to see if he is following me, I go through my little short cut which is going through the parking lot. I am now on the second floor of the parking, heading out to cross the street, when I turn and see the same guy following, I was sure then that he was following me. I cross the street and go to my neighbor’s apartment, I then see I lost him, so I run to my apartment and rush upstairs. I drop off the baguettes and head to my friend’s apartment. After a while of waiting at the bus stop, I see him again, he sees me and crosses the street towards me.…

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