Personal Narrative: Water Skiing

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I could not hold onto the fact that I was actually going to learn to water ski. I was hoping to learn earlier but it was okay because the time was now and I didn’t want to say anything because all I wanted to do was water ski. My Mom was the one who announced it at breakfast that I might get to learn. So sure enough two hours after breakfast I got the call from my mom to go over to the pier and get my skis on. Then once I was suited up I hopped into the water and my grandpa quickly, casually cruised around me so I could grasp on to the rope to hold on to. The seaweed was brushing my legs as the rubber of the skis gave me a rash. My hands were getting blisters because I was holding the rope so tight and my face was twisted with confusion. …show more content…
Then on my third try I was in the water Papa Joe yelled “3 2 1 hit it” and I rose again all the way up to the top this time because I kept my skis up. “Yes! I did it.” I exclaimed, I was actually water skiing right behind Papa Joe and his boat. My legs were as stiff as planks, my mind was running away, as my heart was beating like a woodpecker. Once I was finally up on top of the water I was in my own world, nothing but me,the water, my skis and the rope hauling me forward on the water. The soothing hum of the motor made my heart slow, as I stared down to see a flash of light following me under water. “Man that’s a big fish” I said to myself. The sun illuminated the whole lake so I could see every detail of under and over the water. The seaweed was like savanna grass swaying like a hammock. The rope was my guidance and it never let me down. Once I got to the other side of the lake I dove into the water after hitting some waves but got right back up and let go of the rope right in front of our cottage so I came to a sinking stop. This was a fantastic day but I was tired after all of the work so I went up to the cottage to have some lunch. During this experience I learned that if you try your hardest on something you will always

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