Personal Narrative: Santa On His Way Home

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Santa on his way home

As the 23th of december 2015 became 24th, santa’s old clock rang as he rose from his warm bed prepared for days of hard work. Together with his reindeers he flew around the world handing out every present in his big brown christmas sack. Eventually there was only one present left and it was addressed to the famous scientist Berry who was studying penguins on the south pole. Santa had never been that far south before but decided that it wasn't going to stop him. When he arrived the wind started blowing intensely around him, luckily he saw a lonely wooden cabin so he quickly moved towards it. “Marry Chirsmas Berry” said santa as he opened the door with the present in hand. “Welcome, you did’nt have to come all the way here”
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“Everyone deserves a merry Christmas Berry” said santa as he put the present on the counter then he continued “Well I have to head back home to mrs.santa it has been a long day”. Hastily Berry answered “ If I were you I’d stay here tonight, there is a snow storm brewing outside”. Santa's face turned white as he realized that the reindeers and their sack of food was left outside, so he rushed out with Berry to attempt to save the food and to show the reindeers inside of the cabin. The reindeers got in safely but the food was all but gone. It was was meant to last for the whole trip home he thought to himself as he said “The reindeers won’t be able to fly to the north pole without enough food”. With a warm voice Berry answered “ You can sleep here until the storm passes, I have some food to spare but I’m afraid it won’t last all the way home”. Santa accepted the offer and went to bed …show more content…
Strangely the kid refused to inform santa of his name, he kept saying that he didn't give his name to strangers. Santa begun getting suspicious due to this lack of information, you see he had memorized every kid on his good and bad list and he was afraid that the child was on the bad one. After a while of struggling to figure out his name santa gave up and didn't think much more of it. They arrived at a medium sized blue house still covered with Christmas snow and decorations, it was apparent that this was family who loved the holidays. They child put his keys in the black door lock and quickly turned it around and opened the door quickly. He showed santa in urging him to hurry up as it was cold outside, and as soon as the door closed behind the a snapping sound ringed loudly from the door handle. Santa was getting nervous and thought to himself that this might be a bad kid, so he turned around to leave the house, but as he took the first step his bag was covered with a black bag and so he

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