Essay about Personal Narrative : My Roommate And I Are Sitting Doing

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An Evening Chat Scene: My roommate and I are sitting doing homework on opposite ends of the same dorm room. We do not speak. We do not need to. Somehow she and I always vibrate on the same wavelength. When we need to talk we do. Otherwise, we understand the value of silence, especially when it comes time to study. The clock strikes 9:30 PM. A knock at the door. My roommate goes to answer it and it is my good friend. She smiles at my roommate but brushes past quickly, on a mission to fill me in on the details of her day. My roommate returns to her work, typing furiously but also listening. I too begin to work, observing the conversation, this assignment fresh in my mind. The thing about an interaction as an eavesdropper is that you are equally part of the conversation and part of the context. A person entering a room you have already been occupying sees you as part of the conversation and part of the room. If you remain quiet, you become fully context. My roommate was context within five minutes to my friend, but I remained constantly aware of her presence. My friend and I have known each other since the beginning of our college careers. We are both 18 years old, white females, the oldest in our respective families, with a passion for writing and a deeply romantic spirit. Our differences are rarely salient, as we have enough in common that they only matter when we are comparing our upbringings. She was raised in a much more liberal household than I was, moved around…

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