Tyler Clementi's Article: Bullied Into Suicide

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Register to read the introduction… Do those same rights not apply to individuality? What about our rights to privacy? When will the fact that being different is ok, finally sink in? The truth is, for some of us, it never will. Our westernized upbringings and ways of life simply will not allow some of us to see the bigger picture or even think outside the box. Daharun Ravi was one of those people. He thought it was cool to make fun of people who did not grow up with the same values and wealth as he did. “I hate poor people,” he explains in an IM message to Jason Tam, late one evening. He went on to say, in that same conversation, “Fuck My Life/ He’s gay,” as if Tyler Clementi was there to ruin his life through his sexual orientation. I feel a sense of disgust reading those words knowing that they essentially drove Ravi to the immature and senseless acts of invasion of privacy and harassment that led a bright, young man to take his own life. When I first read this story, I knew immediately that things could have gone a lot different for both parties had they took the time to get to know each other. As roommates in a dorm, the initial sense of privacy is very …show more content…
Anything done within those shared walls should have been on table if it did not have anything to do with studying or sleeping. It did not matter what the sexual orientation of one or the other was, they should have made an agreement to seek a more private setting, providing they were going to engage in any type of sexual encounters, be they with a man or woman. There are hundreds of places one can go to achieve that same level of privacy as if someone were in the comfort of their own

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