Personal Narrative: My Healthy Hair Journey

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My very first blog! Such an exciting and defining moment for me. Haha :-). Like most females, particularly black females, my hair has gone through many ups and downs through the years and it has been hard to handle at times. I’ve dealt with long hair, short hair, dyed hair, and all. But let me start from the very beginning so you can have a sense of where I’ve been as far as my hair goes and where I hope to go on my Healthy Hair Journey. Ever since I was a young girl I literally PRAYED for long long hair. I used to be one of those girls that walked around with a long scarf tied to their head and whipped it around like it was my long hair. Funny I know lol. But luckily God bestowed me with hair that went past my shoulders at about armpit length. And I loved my hair! I constantly got compliments on the health can length of my hair and in a sense it sort …show more content…
It was a sad moment but it needed to be done. My hair is a lot healthier than it was at that time and it has grown to shoulder length at a standstill. One day while surfing YouTube, I came across many videos about growing Black hair and that’s when I got the idea to go on a Healthy Hair Journey. I missed my long hair and I figured if it could grow longer, why not push the envelope? If these women can do, so can I! So this led to researching healthy hair tips and picking and choosing what works for my hair. Yes it was a huge hassle but I’ve gotten into the swing of things. I’ve noticed already that my hair has become healthier and I feel I am on the right track to healthier longer hair. I plan to share lots of tips and advice here on my blog in hopes to help others who are also on their own Healthy Hair Journey as well. I know the process won’t come as quickly as I may want it to, but I am willing to patiently care for my hair and see how healthy it can become and hopefully we can all support each other and see much progress with our

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