Personal Narrative Essay: My Life Of My Grandmother's House

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My entire life I’ve been obsessed with animals, and I want to use that obsession to better the lives of as many animals as I can. If you look out the window of the second floor of my grandmother’s house, you will see a large open yard with clumps of trees and thickets sprawled throughout it. In the center of this yard is a glimmering reflective pond. Almost like an enormous mirror in the grass. This is where I decided what I wanted to do with my life. I would visit that pond as often as I possibly could. I’d beg my grandma to take me after school some days without my parents knowledge. I would get scolded of course, but it was worth being there to envision my future. The pond was a thriving oasis of life in the lush backyard. On the …show more content…
I told her all about how I got them and took care of them over the years. She seemed excited to help me release them and let them live in nature where they belong. Returning to the pond out back after all that time was more rewarding than anything I could imagine. There now stood a tall willow tree looming over one corner of the pond’s bank. The surrounding foliage creeped over the edge of the water, giving it a lively feeling. I couldn’t wait to see my three turtles rule over such an immensely beautiful aquascape. When I finally released them they raced to the water’s edge and were engulfed in the aquamarine blanket. I didn’t see them for weeks after that, though I brought their favorite food every weekend. I now visit the pond in seldom. Ten years has passed and the area seems locked in an eternal beauty that never seems to change. There are now dozens of turtles inhabiting the pond, all parented by my original three turtles. The feeling of having a part in the everlasting beauty is to this day one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. I plan on creating such environments for many of her species of animal in my very own naturalistic sanctuary. I will not only create beautiful places for these precious animals to survive, but to thrive and live happy lives in

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