Personal Identity Self Analysis

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I view myself as being independent and very capable. I know that gender stereotypes can influence how a woman specifically views herself in terms of being successful in what is deemed as masculine roles or leadership positions (Davis et al, 2005). Therefore, I am even more thankful to my family for not pushing those implicit rules into me but for allowing me to grow into a strong person. I have had to fix my worldview because I realized that women or girls in developing countries are not always given the opportunity to get an education or given the drive to be independent. This they may view themselves incapable of being in leadership roles.
What impact do your identities have on your communication and understanding of how you might work with people of other identities? In other words, how will your identities get in the way of your work with your client(s)?
I think I will not be able to lose my filters completely, but I do try to be aware of how my filters affect my interactions with others. I want to always be open minded and willing to view things from someone else’s perspective. I do not want to be disrespectful and dismiss someone’s experiences simply because I have not lived it. My identities may have
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I think these identities will help me to connect on some level with my clients. I think at times, while in practice, I will need to put aside my identities to remain unbias and provide the best services to my clients. I want to be able to wear those identities but not allow them to cloud my judgement which I believe could happen. Overall, I do believe that these identities will not hinder me from being a good social worker for my clients. I need to be aware that my identities may not resonate with my clients and I might need to find other ways to make them feel more comfortable to open up to

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