Gastric Bypass Research Paper

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Gastric Bypass

Have you ever been teased or picked on so much about your weight that you felt like you had to do something about it, well I have and believe me it wasn 't easy being teased by your peers. Having the gastric bypass came with significant problems as well as positive benefits with my health. Being heavy or overweight has always played a major role in my life growing up as a child. Coming from a family that is a little bit over the heavy side I was teased a lot in school from elementary to high school. I had names like baby " Hercules", tank , and my favorite fluffy. I fought a lot In school behind being picked on about my weight and because I wasn’t attractive enough to my peers who felt like if you didn’t look or weigh a certain
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Also because I was what they called high risk when I was pregnant I had to self inject myself with blood thinners at home so I wouldn 't run the risk of forming another blood clot. Through it all I had the greatest support team from both my family as well as the hospital staff. Having my family workout with me and change their eating habits made me feel loved and appreciated and showed me that they not only supported me physically but mentally and emotionally as well. The hospital staff motivated me to attend support groups and other social events to show off my results and to give the next young adolescent the support and courage to go through with the surgery. I went through hell with this surgery from the blood clot to the blood thinners to dissolve the clot, the changing of my new lifestyle and having a wonderful support team. Having the surgery improved my confidence, self esteem and my attitude. Stepping into adulthood the teasing stopped, I didn 't have to fight, and I could look at myself without crying or with disgust. I thank God everyday for allowing me to still be able to walk this earth with my head held high and in better health than what I was as a teenager, I can honestly say now I 'm beautiful and love the attention

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